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Watch Lauren Boebert Theater Video – Lauren Boebert Kicked Out From Theater Explained


Rep. Lauren Boebert has addressed the recent theater incident, expressing remorse for the unwanted attention it has drawn to the community. She acknowledged the difficulty of the past few days, taking responsibility for actions that inadvertently caused harm, despite her lack of malicious intent as a private citizen that evening. Boebert also attributed her behavior in part to the strains of her ongoing divorce, admitting that she fell short of her personal values while at the theater.

Regarding the initial denial of vaping, Boebert attributed it to a combination of excitement for the performance and nervousness in a new environment, asserting that she genuinely didn’t recall the act. She now clarifies that she was indeed vaping, emphasizing that she never meant to mislead the public and understands the perception.

Boebert acknowledges the need to regain trust and is committed to making improvements going forward.

In a separate development, new video footage from the Denver theater reveals a more intimate interaction between Boebert and her date than previously known. During the performance of “Beetlejuice,” her date initiates physical contact, touching her breast, to which she responds by placing her hand between his legs. This interaction continues throughout the clip, with Boebert eventually using both hands.

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As reported earlier, Boebert was also caught vaping in violation of theater rules, contradicting her initial denial. This led to her and her date being asked to leave, and she reportedly made a disrespectful gesture towards a theater staff member on their way out.

It’s worth noting that while Boebert is known for her staunch support of Trump and the Republican party, her date is reported to be a Democratic bar owner from Aspen. A display of bipartisan cooperation, albeit in an unexpected context.

While opinions on this incident may vary, it’s hard to deny its potential impact on future ticket sales for “Beetlejuice.”