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Watch Jay Alvarrez coconut oil Leaked Video


Today we are talking about Jay Alvarrez’s viral video on TikTok and why he creates the Coconut Oil video on TikTok.

Jay Alvarrez was not a celebrity and was not famous at the start. Jay Alvarrez has over 6 million subscribers who is ahead of Alexis Ren who has over 14 million subscribers and he was hot too.

What is this Jay Alvarrez Coconut Oil Video?

The reason Jay Alvarrez getting famous on social media is that Russian Model Sveta Bilyalova shot an s•x tape and release it on the internet.

Now the alleged s*x tape is being produced so well, leading some to believe that he put it on himself.

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The video caught the attention of the Internet when Logan Paul and Mike Majlak watched it on their Impulsive podcast, which attracted attention the attention of most of people.

What does coconut oil have to do with it? The reason everyone is watching this Jay Alvarrez video is because in the beginning, Alvarrez grabs a bottle of coconut oil, boils it in a kettle, and uses it as a lubricant.

First of all, wouldn’t this thing be really hot? Second, I go to the store to buy coconut oil.

Jay Alvarrez’s coconut oil video viral on TikTok

It is the same idea that TikTok and Twitter have adopted in the videos posted, the reactions are endless, including a video that uses Missy Elliott’s song to refer to the coconut s*x tape.

If you know it, you know it. Now, while we can’t show you the video, we can show you people reacting to it on TikTok. If you’re curious, it might be on Twitter or something.

People’s Reactions on Twitter