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Watch Jamaica Raft Video – Jamaica raft plastic bag videos Explained


How This Man Crossed a River in Jamaica Using Only a Plastic Bag

A hilarious video of a man crossing the Rio Grande river in Portland, Jamaica, using nothing but a plastic bag as a raft has taken the internet by storm. The video was shared by @JamaicaStar on Twitter on August 17, 2023, and has since been watched by more than 2.5 million people and generated thousands of reactions.

The video shows the man lying on top of a huge black plastic bag that is inflated with air. He paddles his way across the river with his limbs, while another man films him from the bank. The man looks happy and relaxed as he smiles at the camera. He successfully reaches the other side of the river and gets off his makeshift raft.

Twitter users have been amazed and amused by the man’s ingenious and daring feat. Some have complimented him on his creativity and cleverness, while others have made jokes about his courage and talent. Some have also raised questions about the environmental consequences of using plastic bags in waterways and oceans.

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The Rio Grande is one of Jamaica’s largest rivers and a famous tourist spot. It offers stunning views and exciting rafting experiences. However, it is also suffering from pollution and damage caused by human actions and natural events.