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Watch: Cory Patterson Leaked, Pilot threatens to crash a plane in a US Walmart; authorities manage to capture him


A Walmart in Tupelo, Mississippi had to evacuate in an emergency after the news of a pilot threatening to crash a plane in the store this Saturday.
There were more questions than answers after a Mississippi pilot deliberately threatened to shoot down a plane he allegedly stole from a local Walmart, sparking panic in the area and making national headlines Saturday morning. Social media users were among the most curious about what appeared to be a growing number of users asking one thing: was the plane driver a Trump supporter?

Later, the man, identified in media reports as Corey Patterson, arrived safely on the plane late in the morning and was arrested by Benton County Sheriff’s Department police in an incident that resulted in no fatalities. wounded. Patterson, who has been circling the area since 5 am, does not have a pilot’s license, according to the Daily Journal.

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According to the Tupelo Police Department on Facebook, they were notified at approximately 5:00 a.m. that the driver, of a possibly King Air type, was flying over the skies north of Tupelo, in the Union County area. The pilot, who made contact with an emergency line, reported intentionally crashing into a Walmart on West Main.”

They identify the pilot, land, and take him into custody

After several hours of uncertainty, according to several media outlets, they finally revealed that the pilot of the small aircraft landed in Ashland and is now in custody.

Likewise, the identity of the man was released, his name is Cory Patterson, 29 years old, and it is known that he is an employee of the Tupelo Regional Airport who took a plane at the air terminal around 5:00 am and was circling over the small town for several hours.

For his part, Governor Tate Reeves expressed his gratitude that the mishap has been resolved: “The plane over North MS is on the ground. Grateful that the situation was resolved and that no one was injured. Thank you above all to the local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies who handled this situation with extreme professionalism,” he wrote on Twitter.