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Watch Carlisha Hood and Son video – Jeremy Brown death at West Pullman Restaurant Chicago


Watch the video of Carlisha Hood and her son. The video shows the death of Jeremy Brown at a restaurant in West Pullman, Chicago. The mother has been charged with murder for allegedly instructing her son to shoot the man after a fight. The incident started inside a take-out restaurant in Chicago on Sunday night.

According to reports on Thursday, Carlishia Hood, 35, entered a Maxwell Street Express outlet on the South Side of the city to pick up some food while her unidentified son waited in her SUV around 11 p.m.

While waiting for her order, Hood reportedly got into an argument with Jeremy Brown, 32. Brown’s girlfriend allegedly started laughing and encouraging him, as reported by NBC Chicago.

Hood then texted her son, who entered the restaurant and witnessed Brown punching his mother in the head.

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Allegedly, the boy retrieved a handgun from his hoodie pocket and shot Brown in the back. Brown then ran out into the parking lot, with Hood and her son following. Hood allegedly instructed the teenager to kill Brown as he continued to fire shots.

Surveillance cameras reportedly captured the entire incident, and the Chicago Police Department released portions of the recordings on Tuesday.