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Watch Caritoalaparato Aupa Athletic football fan video goes viral on Twitter and TikTok


In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about someone called “Aupa Athletic” on the internet. This is mainly because of a video made by a popular person on the internet. This article is here to help you understand what this is all about.

The video that’s been causing a stir shows Aupa Athletic standing in front of a mirror, wearing clothes that show a lot of skin. Because of its content, a lot of people watched and shared it on social media sites like Twitter.

But it’s not just this video. There are other videos related to Aupa Athletic that have also become quite famous. These videos show different women wearing football jerseys and showing their upper bodies. People have been talking about these videos a lot on Twitter.

Aupa Athletic. Mucho Elche.
Quien no conoce a Dios, a cualquier santo le reza. pic.twitter.com/MSTut8ZgZL

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Out of all the videos on Twitter, one in particular caught our attention. An important person on the internet named @Caritoalaparato shared a video where she’s also showing her body in front of a mirror. The poses she strikes in the video have become a big topic of discussion. However, it’s worth noting that the explicit video that was previously on Twitter has since been removed.

Aupa Athletic! El retorno. pic.twitter.com/Kx7rvEZoS7

— Samuel Omorodion (@OmorodionSamu) October 26, 2023

When we looked at all the viral videos on Twitter related to Aupa Athletic, we noticed that many women, like Caritoalaparato, were showing their upper bodies. However, we choose not to share such videos on our website due to certain rules and our desire to be respectful.

Based on what we know, the influencer Aupa Athletic appears to be older than twenty years old. You can find her videos on TikTok, where she is quite popular. But remember, it’s very important to be careful and respectful. Sharing Aupa Athletic Caritoalaparato’s Twitter posts without her permission could cause her emotional distress.