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Watch Bosnian Bodybuilder Live Stream his wife’s video on Instagram – Sulejmanovic Instagram Video


A Bosnian bodybuilder went on a killing rampage on Friday, fatally shooting three people, including his ex-wife, and live-streaming the entire violent spree on Instagram.

The bodybuilder, identified as Nermin Sulejmanovic, began his rampage in the northeastern Bosnian city of Gradacac. He first live-streamed a video of himself beating his ex-wife, Elma Subasic, on a porch. In the video, Sulejmanovic can be heard boasting that he is about to carry out a live execution. He then turns the camera towards Subasic, who is badly beaten and appears bloodied and disfigured.

Sulejmanovic then drove to another location in Gradacac, where he shot and killed two men. He then returned to his home and shot himself in the head.

The live-streamed videos of Sulejmanovic’s murder spree have been widely shared on social media, and have sparked outrage and horror around the world. The videos have also raised questions about the role of social media platforms in enabling violence.

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Instagram has since taken down the videos, but they have been downloaded and shared by others. The videos are still available on some websites and on file-sharing platforms.

This is not the first time that a social media platform has been used to broadcast a murder. In 2017, a man in Florida live-streamed himself killing his ex-girlfriend on Facebook Live. The video was viewed by millions of people before it was taken down.

The case of Nermin Sulejmanovic highlights the dangers of social media platforms. These platforms can be used to spread hate speech, incite violence, and even broadcast murders. It is important for social media companies to take steps to prevent this type of content from being shared on their platforms.