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Watch Blueface tweet about his baby? Viral Inguinal Hernia post sparks disbelief online Explained


Rapper BlueFace finds himself amidst internet backlash following the release of images depicting his son’s hernia on X. The father of Chrisean Rock’s child took to this social platform, shedding light on his baby’s struggle with a hernia condition.

BlueFace didn’t hold back, accusing his on-and-off girlfriend of delaying their son’s much-needed surgery. This revelation triggered widespread disgust among netizens, who were taken aback by the rapper’s online activity.

On September 24, 2023, BlueFace shared an intimate image of his infant’s condition on X along with a candid tweet, emphasizing the urgency for his son’s well-being. The rapper’s candid words resonated, revealing his concerns amidst the controversy.

Chrisean Rock, the mother at the center of this storm, addressed the allegations on social media. She affirmed that while her son does require surgery for his hernia, it had not yet taken place. She attributed the delay to BlueFace’s unfiltered statements.

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Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr., the child of Chrisean Rock and BlueFace, is struggling with an inguinal hernia. According to medical experts at the Cleveland Clinic, this condition arises when intestines protrude through the abdominal wall, visible in the groin or scrotum area.

To rectify this condition, the child must undergo a relatively simple surgical procedure. Failing to take necessary precautions may lead to severe complications such as incarcerated or strangulated hernias, which can impede blood flow to the intestines, resulting in tissue death.

In response to BlueFace’s accusations, Chrisean Rock defended herself, asserting that while her son does require surgery, it has not yet taken place. She pointed out that the urgency was heightened by BlueFace’s public statements.

BlueFace’s online outburst extended further, branding Chrisean Rock with derogatory terms and claiming attempts to terminate the pregnancy. He also mentioned visiting medical practitioners for the surgery, but alleged that he missed a scheduled appointment due to their busy schedule.

The saga surrounding BlueFace, Chrisean Rock, and their son has captivated the internet, shedding light on a personal struggle played out in the public eye. As the controversy continues to unfold, the importance of sensitivity and timely medical intervention remains at the forefront of this narrative.