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TikTok Stars Zizou and Ania Deal with the Aftermath of S3xtape Leak


The leak of a s3xtape featuring popular TikTokers Zizou and Ania has caused a stir on various social media platforms. The video has been circulating on Telegram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok for several hours. Zizou finally spoke out about the incident, responding to the harassment and explaining the situation. Ania’s boyfriend also issued a threat to those who leaked the video.

According to Zizou, his Snapchat account was hacked in December, and he changed his password and regained control of the account. However, he had no knowledge that the videos on his account were stolen. While some may criticize him for filming the s3xtape, Zizou stressed that it is his private life and he never intended to share it with the public. He expressed his disappointment that their privacy was violated, but he remains committed to moving forward with his life and his career on TikTok.

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Despite the leak, Zizou’s goal is to ensure that justice is served. He revealed that he has filed a complaint and will do everything in his power to pursue legal action against those responsible for sharing the video. Zizou hopes that anyone who shared the video has good lawyers because they will need them. He ended his statement by promising that this story will not end here, and he will not let those who leaked the video get the satisfaction of seeing him break down in tears.

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In conclusion, the leak of Zizou and Ania’s s3xtape has created a significant buzz on social media. Zizou spoke out against the harassment and explained that the video was leaked without their consent. Despite the invasion of their privacy, Zizou and Ania are determined to move forward with their lives and careers. However, they have also filed a complaint and will pursue legal action against those responsible for the leak. Ultimately, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting others’ privacy and the consequences of violating that privacy.