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The impact of downtime is deteriorating as the industry is unable to stop the disruption



The digital infrastructure sector is struggling to reduce the rate and severity of interruptions, which is measurable, and the total number of disruptions resulting from financial interruptions is steadily increasing.

This was reported by the Uptime Institute, which published the results of the 2022 interruption analysis report.

Andy Lawrence, co-founder and CEO of the Uptime Institute Intelligence, said: .

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“The lack of improvement in power outages is the result of the recent huge investments in digital infrastructure and all the difficulties faced by operators in switching to a hybrid, distributed architecture,” Lawrence said. “Over time, both technology and operational practices have improved, but for now, disruptions remain a concern for customers, investors and regulators. Operators will carefully train staff to minimize human error behind these many failures and best meet the challenge in accordance with operating procedures. “

Uptime’s annual outage analysis is industry-specific and is based on a number of studies, information provided by Uptime Institute members and partners, and a publicly available outage database.

The main conclusions are:

• High interruption rates have not changed significantly. One in five organizations reported a “serious” or “serious” disruption (significant financial loss, damage to reputation, violation of the law, and in some severe cases, loss of life) over the past three years, with a slight increase in prevalence. shows a tendency. about major interruptions. According to Uptime’s 2022 Data Center Sustainability Survey, over the past three years, 80% of data center managers and operators have experienced some kind of interruption, a slight increase from the norm, ranging from 70-80%.
• The share of interruptions costing more than $ 100,000 has risen sharply in recent years. More than 60 percent of the errors result in a total loss of at least $ 100,000, an increase of more than 39 percent in 2019. The share of interruptions costing $ 1 million increased from 11% to 15% over the same period.
• Dog data center operators continue to have problems with electricity. Forty-three percent of power outages are classified as large (leading to housing and financial losses). The biggest cause of power outages is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) failure.
• Network problems are causing a significant proportion of IT disruptions. According to Uptime’s 2022 Data Center Sustainability Survey, network-related issues are the biggest cause of data technology service downtime over the past three years, regardless of severity. Interruptions related to software, network, and system issues are increasing due to the increasing use of cloud technology and software-defined architectures, hybrids, and distributed architectures.
• The majority of interruptions due to human error are due to neglected or inadequate procedures. Nearly 40% of organizations have experienced major disruptions over the past three years due to human error. Eighty-five percent of these cases are due to employee non-compliance or process or procedural errors.
• External IT service providers cause significant public disruption. The heavier the workload of external service providers, the more these operators attract public attention and cause public disruption. Third-party commercial information technology operators (cloud, hosting, location, telecommunications service providers, etc.) have accounted for 63% of all disruptions reported by Uptime since 2016. In 2021, commercial operators will account for 70% of all disruptions.
• Prolonged downtime during public interruptions is becoming more common. The gap between the onset of major public disruptions and full recovery has widened significantly over the past five years. In 2021, almost 30% of these interruptions lasted more than 24 hours, an increase of only 8% in 2017.
• The trend of public disruption suggests that there will be at least 20 serious and high-profile information disruptions worldwide each year. In 2021, 27 of the 108 interruptions reported to the public were serious or serious. Since the Uptime Intelligence team began cataloging major delays in 2016, this ratio has been fairly stable, indicating that a quarter of the interruptions reported to the public each year are likely to be serious or serious.

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