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Decentralized Financial Protocol Coin98 Introduces Native Stablecoin CUSD

DeFi platforms are racing to create their own stablecoins to attract users and drive growth, including Curve and Aave. Source link

Cash-Backed HUSD Stablecoin Peg Loses, Down to $0.92

The token issued by Stable Universal has fallen by 8% from the price of $1. Source link

US Federal Reserve Minutes Show More Interest Rate Hikes, Worry About Stablecoin Risks

The FOMC raised interest rates by 75 basis points in July as part of its extraordinary monetary campaign to tame inflation, which has...

UK Group to Test Stablecoin Payments, Report to Bank of England

"With the advent of DLT and blockchain technology, digital assets are ushering in a new era for money with potentially transformative benefits...

UK Crypto Industry Welcomes New Stablecoin Regulations, Awaits Guidance

The BoE will detail its plans to regulate systemic stablecoins, including whether to allow firms next year, in a consultation where the government...

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