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Comision de Valores Brasileña prohibits the exchange Bybit commercializar derivatives

"Bybit is taking the media to make sure that they understand the requirements and demands of the regulator on our offers of negotiation...

CoinSwitch CEO Says Crypto Exchange ‘Cooperates Fully’ After Searches By Indian Authorities

Twice on Twitter, CoinSwitch Kuber CEO Ashish Singhal tried to clarify that the "contact with ED" was not related to money laundering. ...

Crypto Exchange Gemini Introduces Staking Support for US Investors

Amjadi told CoinDesk: "It's clear now more than ever that people, especially as we're on the eve of the Ethereum Merger. "With...

A New Study, Coinbase Crypto Exchange Token Pre-Owning Was Common

And indeed, there were already allegations of insider trading at Coinbase. In July, the US Department of Justice accused former Coinbase product...

Crypto.com Exchange is registered with UK Financial Regulator

The cryptocurrency exchange has faced heat in the past due to advertisements from the FCA. Source link

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