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Signature Bank’s Crypto Flows Decline As Core Deposits Increase, Wedbush Says

The $4.3 billion contraction in cryptocurrency deposits was sharper than expected but not a surprise, Raymond James also noted in a report on...

There’s a new platform for Bitcoin-backed lending that’s forcing banks to lend

There's a new platform for Bitcoin-backed lending that's forcing banks to lend Source link

EU lawmakers are trying to cap banks’ Bitcoin holdings

"An institution's total exposure to Tier 2 crypto-asset risks should not exceed 1% of the institution's Tier 1 capital at any time," reads...

US regulator is ‘wrongly’ forcing banks to avoid servicing crypto companies, lawmaker says

“According to whistleblowers we have confirmed, staff at FDIC headquarters in Washington, D.C. are urging FDIC regional offices to send letters urging them...

Fed reminds banks to check legal authorization before offering Crypto-related services

On Tuesday, the Federal Reserve published an open letter signed by Director of Supervision and Regulation Michael Gibson and Director of Consumer and...

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