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Steven Crowder’s Alleged Emotional Abuse of Pregnant Wife: What We Know So Far


Recently, a video was leaked online that purportedly shows popular social media influencer Steven Crowder emotionally abusing his heavily pregnant wife. The video has sparked widespread outrage, with many people calling for Crowder to be held accountable for his alleged actions. In this article, we will examine what we know so far about this disturbing incident.

Steven Crowder's Alleged Emotional Abuse of Pregnant Wife
Steven Crowder’s Alleged Emotional Abuse of Pregnant Wife

Background Information
Steven Crowder is a well-known conservative commentator, comedian, and YouTuber. He has a significant following on social media, with over 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone. Crowder has also been a regular guest on Fox News and other conservative media outlets.

Crowder’s wife, Hilary Crowder, is also a prominent figure on social media. She has over 55,000 followers on Instagram and is known for her conservative views and support of her husband’s work.

The Alleged Incident
The leaked video, which was reportedly filmed in 2019, shows Steven Crowder berating and belittling his wife in front of their young daughter. In the video, Crowder can be heard shouting at his wife, calling her “worthless” and “stupid.” He also tells her that she is a “terrible mother” and threatens to leave her.

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Hilary Crowder appears visibly upset and distressed in the video, and at one point she can be heard crying. She is also heavily pregnant at the time of the incident, which has added to the shock and outrage that many people feel about the situation.

Response from the Crowders
Steven and Hilary Crowder have both responded to the leaked video on social media. In a statement posted on Twitter, Steven Crowder acknowledged that the video was real but claimed that it had been edited to make him look bad. He also accused his former employee of leaking the video in an act of revenge.

Hilary Crowder, meanwhile, posted a statement on her Instagram account in which she defended her husband and said that they had worked through their issues together. She also accused the media of “smearing” her family and insisted that the incident had been blown out of proportion.

Reactions from the Public
The leaked video has generated a significant amount of attention on social media and in the mainstream press. Many people have expressed outrage at Steven Crowder’s alleged behavior and called for him to be held accountable.

Others, however, have defended Crowder and accused the media of unfairly targeting him because of his conservative views. Some have also pointed out that the incident happened in 2019 and that the Crowders have had time to work through their issues since then.

The leaked video showing Steven Crowder allegedly emotionally abusing his pregnant wife has generated significant controversy and debate. While the full details of the incident are not yet clear, it is clear that many people are deeply disturbed by the video and its implications.