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Snowflake has introduced a cyber security workload to overcome threats using the information cloud.



Snowflake, a data cloud specialist, has launched a cyber security workflow that aims to enable cyber security teams to better protect their businesses using Data Cloud.

Using a wide range of security capabilities ecosystems with snowball platforms and connected applications, cyber security teams can quickly gain visibility and automation in the cloud.

According to Forrester, organizations today face ever-evolving threats, with 55% of security professionals reporting incidents involving supply chain or third-party service providers over the past 12 months. Current security architectures based on older security and information management systems (SIEMs) are not designed to handle the amount of information needed to prevent cyber threats. Thanks to the old SIEM, which imposes limited swallowing costs, limited storage windows, and language of ownership inquiries, security teams are struggling to gain the visibility they need to protect their organizations.

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Using Snowflake’s cyber security workload, customers gain the strength and flexibility of Snowflake’s platform, managing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured logs in their original form. Customers can search for demand computing resources that can efficiently store and extend years of high-volume data efficiently, and gain insights using universal languages ​​such as SQL and Python, which are currently available for personal preview.

With Snowflake, organizations can integrate security information with organizational data from a single source of accuracy, provide quicker information on detection and investigation, and provide quick inquiries on large amounts of data to provide more accurate alerts to contextual data from human resource systems or IT asset records. allows you to By ensuring that teams have a unified view of their security, they can eliminate data silos without the cost of data absorption and storage. In addition to security detection and response, cyber security workloads support a wide range of applications, including security compliance, cloud security, recognition and access, and vulnerability management.

TripActions, a leader in travel, corporate cards and cost management, is investing in a long-term cybersecurity data strategy with Data Cloud.

Prabhat Karant, Senior Director of Security, Compliance and Trust at TripActions, said: “By using Snowflake as our security information lake, we can simplify the security software architecture and eliminate the additional cost of information management.

“Snowflakes have been instrumental in providing a complete picture of our safety, removing blind spots and reducing noise, so we can continue to build customer trust in the most important places. Deploying a modern technology stack of snowflake is an important part of our cyber security strategy. “

Snowflake is investing heavily in its partners’ extensive ecosystem to transform the security industry and allow its users to choose the best apps for their needs. Snowflake joins partners with Hunters, Panther Labs, and Securonix to deliver industry-leading cyber security capabilities to Data Cloud users using related applications.

Snowflake’s state-of-the-art security architecture allows customers to control their data, use pre-built content and security capabilities on existing Snowflake environments, and use a single copy of information in cyber security applications. With the help of Snowflake’s Information Cloud, closely linked applications, and data from service providers on the Snowflake Data Marketplace, Snowflake is pioneering a new standard architecture for security teams who want to achieve their security goals.

Snowflake Ventures aims to invest in companies that help accelerate and increase the growth and use of Snowflake Data Cloud, and has invested in Hunters.ai, Lacework, Panther and Securonix. These investments have helped to eliminate security data packages and improve product coherence to enable joint clients to implement data-driven strategies.

Omer Singer, head of the Snowflake Cyber ​​Security Strategy, said: “Snowflakes guide the movement of the Security Information Lake and help protectors integrate their data and analytics into an integrated, secure and scalable information platform.

“Thanks to Snowflake’s cyber security workload, we can further strengthen our security teams in the information cloud, work with multi-stakeholders, and successfully accomplish our vital goal of protecting businesses.”

Sachin Nayar, CEO of Securonix, said: “The snowball cyber security workload is in line with Securonix’s open approach to security analytics, which allows joint clients to respond more quickly to cyber threats.

“Supporting Snowflake as a connected application and partner allows us to provide users with the desired monitoring and cost-effectiveness, combined with advanced capabilities to detect and respond to threats they need.”

Pallavi Daml, vice president of cyber security at Netgear, said: “By accessing all sources of information in our security information lake, Snowflake, we can improve the interdependence of multiple attack surfaces and make analytics work automatically.

“As a result, it led to an emergency response on our part.”

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