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Sevco Security provides continuous monitoring of IT inventory of assets



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Cloud-native asset management platform, Sevco Security, Announced improvements and new opportunities for the Active Correlation Engine. The company says they will allow users to track asset inventory changes in multiple data silos in real time. The new features also allow security teams to automatically detect security holes between siled tools.

Founded in 2020 and based in Austin, Texas, Sevco is supported by SYN Ventures, 406 Ventures, Complice and Bill Wood Ventures. The company targets businesses that need accurate IT inventory. Its goal is to create a constantly updated unified inventory to ensure active intelligence and help security and IT teams identify and close security vulnerabilities.

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The company claims that its Active Correlation Engine automates the collection and reconciliation of IT assets across the enterprise. This allows users to see how constantly changing asset inventory affects their security.

Security and IT inventory monitoring

IT asset inventories are constantly evolving, and IT and security teams are trying to create comprehensive, real-time information about the assets of their networks. This is due to the increase in the number of devices and software connected to the company’s network infrastructure.

It is important to understand that assets have an economic value and provide future benefits, as they can provide cash flow for any business. This should be an inventory of IT assets in today’s technology landscape. Inventory management solution for the forecast period of 2021-2028 market is estimated to reach $ 3.82 billion and increase CAGR by 6.12%.

Organizations may find themselves in a precarious security situation if they do not have full access to every asset needed to protect them. According to JJ Guy, co-founder and CEO of Sevco Security, a comprehensive asset inventory is important because it forms the basis of every security program.

Attackers spend more time learn networks attack. In most cases, attackers understand the company’s network operations and architecture more than many IT and security teams. In reality, attackers’ inventory is often more accurate than asset inventory compiled by IT and security teams.

Given the number of technologies used by modern organizations, Guy believes that it is almost impossible to achieve a fully integrated asset perspective.

“It’s not enough to combine these tools and information silos. You need to combine those tools by combining aggregation and coordination to get a comprehensive and accurate asset inventory, ”Gay said. “This is an underestimated issue that is causing a lot of headaches for IT and security organizations.”

Accuracy, tracking, correlation

organizations that use a configuration management database (CMDB) they must establish and maintain their own rules of conciliation. The use of CMDBs is necessary to identify and test each of its components in order to better manage and improve the organization’s infrastructure. Sevco’s cloud-based technology is designed to simplify the process by breaking down information silos and tracking and coordinating all IT assets. Sevco is responsible for staying up-to-date with information from each source and monitoring the accuracy of the correlation on a regular basis. As a result, organizations gain a more accurate and comprehensive picture of their IT asset inventory and how it changes over time.

Active labeling processes are very important for companies that rely on their assets to generate revenue. It is designed to allow employees to track physical equipment using labels and tags. With Sevco’s new active labeling features, users can share their employee-specific device (BYOD) equipment, office locations / regions, and more. can label and group key assets together, such as bring.

The company says the update to the Sevco platform includes significant new features and capabilities, including the ability to gather intelligence from all customer data sources.

With the flexibility to choose by area, domain, OS platform, and more, Sevco claims that it ensures the proper distribution of customer assets around the world. It also has the ability to do more powerful searches with internal queries. The companies say that users can conduct more detailed searches using the updated search query builder, which allows them to build more complex queries. Built-in queries are now fully supported with the ability to group and place queries.

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