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Rheezy2froze twitter video | britt barbie video viral on twitter


Barbie is a TikTok creator known as @brittbarbie3. Britt Barbie is a famous TikTok star and singer. She was born in 2001 in the united state. 

The video was uploaded by Twitter user @faitheartsuuu. The video has more Than 200K views on Twitter. In the video, The woman then placed her hand on Britt Barbie and slammed it to the ground.

You couldn’t scroll through social media this weekend without seeing Burt Barbie’s viral TikTok video, “Period Agh, Period Ugh,” which sparked a lot of discussions. First, who is Ms. britt barbie?

Britt barbie gained an audience through her TikTok account, which has amassed over 400,000 followers with her adorable content. A viral video she posted in February 2022 showed how content creators didn’t notice that her hair was growing out of her scalp.

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britt barbie fight video TikTok

Sis stands up like she’s going to do something”: britt barbie Fight Video is Hilarious Online TikToker Britt After the beating, Barbie went viral on Twitter Mid Rivers Mall in Missouri. The victim fell to the ground after being punched by an unknown woman. The video created a lot of interest on the internet and netizens found the situation hilarious.

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