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Pega is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to support digital transformation


Pega is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to support digital transformation

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Pegasystems has partnered with Google Cloud to enable joint clients to accelerate their digital transformation using Pega’s low-code enterprise software for Google Cloud’s extensive cloud services.

Under the agreement, Pega will allow Pega Cloud applications to be fully deployed and managed on Google Cloud. In addition, Pega and Google Cloud will work together to address new industry applications and collaborations, bringing Pega Infinity applications to the Google Cloud Marketplace.

The partnership is in line with Pega’s cloud selection strategy, which allows customers to decide how to use Pega, customize the cloud environment to suit their needs, and provide flexibility and support to adapt to business changes. Pega’s customers now have a second Pega Cloud option to deploy their Pega applications, fully managed by Pega, which allows millions of automated processes and interactions with billions of customers every day for the world’s most important organizations. This combined solution will provide customers with a secure and reliable way to upgrade their software infrastructure with flexibility to help them easily adapt and expand their needs.

In addition, the partnership brings additional strategic elements to help the two companies increase growth and opportunities, including:

  • Joint market activities: The two companies will work together on joint marketing, field sales promotion, migration accelerators, and marketing activities. Google will also offer accelerators and incentives to help customers who use Pega software on the ground who want to move to Pega Cloud, which runs on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Investigate new cases of industrial use: Pega will work with Google Cloud to identify opportunities to address consumer issues in key areas, from telecommunications, health and financial services.
  • Pega is available on the Google Cloud Marketplace: Pega solutions of the main package of Pega Infinity software, including Pega Customer Service, Pega Customer Decision Center, Pega Sales Automation, and Pega Platform, are listed and available for purchase on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This makes it easy for Pega Cloud customers on Google Cloud to purchase and use the Pega software they need when running their business.
    Pega Infinity applications for Pega Cloud customers on Google Cloud will be available from the American Pega platform by the end of the second quarter of 2022. Pega Infinity’s other solutions and regions are planned to be online in the next 18-24 months. Pega Infinity solutions are expected to hit the Google Cloud Marketplace by the end of the third quarter of this year.

Carola Cazenave, head of Pega’s global partner ecosystem, said: “This in-depth collaboration with Google not only allows our customers to choose the cloud with one of the world’s leading cloud manufacturers, but also provides us with a powerful growth channel to be innovative and dynamic.

“We look forward to giving our Pega Cloud customers the exceptional speed, security, and scalability that Google Cloud provides to customers around the world.”

Rodrigo Rocha, CEO of Google Cloud’s ISV Partnership, said: “Businesses can now use Pega’s user engagement applications globally on Google Cloud’s reliable, high-performance infrastructure.

“Pega’s partnership with Google Cloud is of value to organizations seeking to use Pega and Google Cloud together to address specific industry opportunities, such as helping leading telecommunications companies better manage customer information journeys or improving smart capabilities in the automotive industry. will be added. ”

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