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Oracle GoldenGate Monitoring for $ 2 per hour on Amazon AWS



Offering a strong spectrum of functionality, Oracle GoldenGate is recognized by Gartner as the market-leading data migration and integration tool. His credentials have been solid and proven – but there is a significant cost issue for many organizations.

GoldenGate – management and monitoring costs

In addition to the GoldenGate license, users need additional management and monitoring packages to take full advantage of the solution. Because they are based on the number of CPUs, the additional costs can be particularly eye-catching for large cloud and platforms that support local GoldenGate.

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For its Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle has expanded its subscription offer and moved to a “pay as you use” model, allowing users to take advantage of utility billing and operating cost savings. Unfortunately, this model does not apply to other major public cloud providers.

As a result, Amazon AWS can only accept GoldenGate Management Packages based on Bring Your License (BYOL).

So far, organizations have had two choices. Either move GoldenGate instances to Oracle OCI, or stay in AWS and invest in expensive initial licenses and technical support.

Now there is an affordable alternative that brings additional benefits with 1Place.

1Place – GoldenGate is an advanced alternative to management and monitoring

1Place, a comprehensive management and monitoring tool for GoldenGate, is specifically designed to address this pricing problem. Created for the cloud, it is a cost-effective “hourly payment” service based solely on consumption. It also offers a visual dashboard that incorporates key monitoring indicators to integrate the GoldenGate experience and make management significantly easier, even for complex migrations and integrations.

In addition, 1Place has built-in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning integrated with automated problem solving that offers additional features without losing software security and control.

5 main benefits of 1Place

1. Subscription price less than $ 2 per hour – plus 24/7 support

Combining the scale and flexibility of the cloud with a competitive pricing model, 1Place can manage and track a range of GoldenGate devices for less than $ 2 per hour, including 7/24 support.

2. Single view dashboard – everything you need, all in one place

Instead of surfing between apps, 1Place brings together a wide range of functionality, data, sizes and alerts in a single, easy-to-use control panel, making your investments visible in real time. This not only helps you make informed decisions, but also gives you tools to respond more effectively to problems.

1Place can also be fully integrated with other Social Cloud monitoring tools such as Amazon’s CloudWatch to minimize learning and retraining.

3. Manage all your GoldenGate Multi-Cloud instances from AWS

As a single point solution, 1Place GoldenGate can combine your instances in both AWS and Azure. This allows you to reduce the management of cloud applications and increase security, while also reducing the skills required to manage multiple cloud deployments.

4. More active, less support time and effort

In addition to highlighting problems in real time, integrated reporting and analytics allow you to analyze traces of historical data and help you take proactive action to prevent future failures and problems.

1Place also provides a complete overview of the migration process by providing extracts and a complete description of the iteration process without the need to access the source and destination servers. This saves time and effort, and allows DBAs and Cloud Admins to simplify management reports and get a unified view of the user experience.

5. Includes 24/7 onboarding and continuous support

Available from public cloud markets such as Amazon Marketplace, 1Place is easy to install with a single click download. It is also intuitive for navigation, minimizing the need for training and support. For complete peace of mind, 1Place also provides easily accessible round-the-clock technical support and assistance.

In summary, with 1Place, GoldenGate Admins and DBAs will have full visibility and information about GoldenGate properties, in-game migration, replication, and performance.

They will also save significant costs through the pay-as-you-go model. In other words, more features and benefits, less initial cost and sustained cost.

1Place offers a free 30-day trial version of the 1Place GoldenGate Management Package. To start your free trial period or get a free consultation: www.1Place1Cloud.com or download from the trail Click here for Amazon AWS Marketplace.

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