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Notti DD Osama dead video Leaked & viral on Twitter, Reddit and youtube, Notti Osama dead


In a later squabble in a Manhattan tram station, Ethan Reyes, moreover known as Notti Osama, was lethally wounded.

The occurrence happened on July 11, and DD Osama, a 14-year-old brother, moreover paid regards online. Taking after an occurrence with a 15-year-old equal at the 137th Street/City College tram station on July 9, Notti Osama was lethally wounded at 3 p.m.

At Mount Sinai Morningside Clinic, Osama afterward passed away Although the cause of the quarrel was not made open, concurring to law requirement authorities, there showed up to be a few issues between the two youths.

The litigant, who is denounced of first-degree murder and criminal ownership, was taken into guardianship by the police Second-degree kill was the starting allegation against the 15-year-old.

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All of that changed, in spite of the fact that, after the indictment learned that Reyes had cornered the respondent and was tending to him with a broom.

Ethan and his companions before long overwhelmed the respondent, but when he endeavored to escape.the litigant wounded him At the scene, police found a cut and a broom, and the discover was captured on tape.

The defendant’s title is right now vague, but concurring to specialists, he was treated for wound wounds at Unused York-Presbyterian Hospital .“We are thankful of the NYPD agents who collaborated with us to rapidly secure a suspect.

The casualty and him supposedly knowing one another underlines how silly this shocking occurrence was Rapper Notti Osama, 14, is from Unused York. In penetrate rap, competitors are habitually made fun of. Specialists think that will have contributed to the lethal quarrel.

The most youthful of six children, Osama, as of late debuted his brand-new tune, “Without You,” which highlights his brother within the music video. Osama’s cousin Lily Ortega reviewed him as a happy and tender adolescent who cherished time with her family. Osama’s family, instructive foundation, and work history have not been made open since his calling is still in its early stages.