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Most businesses have reached the “medium or advanced” level of cloud usage



More than half of organizations (54%) are in the middle and advanced levels of cloud use, according to a sixth year of cloud management research by Denodo.

As organizations face global supply chain problems, cyber security threats, and geopolitical instability, changing their cloud business is a priority. While organizations of all sizes and vertical markets are turning to cloud technology to provide flexibility and resilience to meet these challenges, small and medium-sized businesses are investing in cloud infrastructure services to shift workloads, support data storage services and cloud applications. . development.

Cloud-based data warehouses, data lakes, and lake houses will play an important role in 2021, with survey participants (48%) calling them the best initiative and the best use case (57%). Hybrid clouds remain a deployment option as they have been since the 2020 survey. However, this year the gap between hybrid clouds and private clouds is widening. Almost twice as many participants (37.5%) chose hybrid clouds as compared to pure public clouds. This year, it is clear that hybrid clouds are not a “choice” but a “necessity”, indicating that companies are not completely free of their internal systems, even if they increase the cloud footprint. Companies have good reason to use this mixed organizational style and regulatory coherence, and as the technology landscape changes, they may simply choose not to leave the system on the ground.

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Almost four out of five respondents (79%) said that the complexity of data integration, data availability, and the inclusion of different data formats were the main barriers to data drive. is lacking. skills and resources to convert raw data into concepts (62%). Information scientists have struggled in the same way. It is often reported that more time is spent on data acquisition, access, and preparation than on analysis, and more than 2 out of 5 people (44%) were unable to find, access, or analyze half or more of their data after the introduction of cloud technology. 17% were able to use 75% or more of their data.

The role of IT in the cloud renewal journey has also changed. In 2020, the focus of technology professionals was on selecting the right cloud provider and managing migration. However, by 2021, these IT teams will focus more on the training needed to take their organization’s cloud system to the next level (31.3% of respondents), while other activities such as choosing a cloud service provider and planning cloud transfers will remain important. . Companies use the cloud for a variety of applications, the most popular being reporting, dashboards, self-service BI, and dedicated analytics. However, participants expect that in the future they will move to data virtualization, data preparation, data quality, and mixing methods.

These application cases clearly show where many organizations are on cloud travel. First, it shows that organizations’ business stakeholders are ready to make better use of their information, and second, it shows that organizations are looking to expand their cloud systems with the help of reliable cloud-based resources. After shifting the main workload to the cloud, the next step for many companies is to find a place to store their new information. Modern methods of data management, such as logical data structures, allow organizations to seamlessly deploy older systems to work with the cloud.

Ravi Shankar, senior vice president and CMO of Denodo, said: “As viewers continue to express their need for real-time data, it’s no surprise that data integration, management and analytics access in the cloud are not only ‘needed’, but important for being data-driven. .

“It’s true in all configurations, but in reality, most organizations can’t find, access, or analyze half of their data after the introduction of cloud technology. That’s why the vast majority of organizations (93%) have cloud-based data integration, management, and may have expressed interest in using, evaluating, or using analytics, including powerful technologies such as data virtualization and logical data structures. Real-time access to organizations and cloud systems. “

In terms of cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) continue to dominate the market, but this year AWS (44.6%) jumped ahead of Azure (26.2). Azure has been in AWS for two years in a row. The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the third most popular option in the survey (8%). In contrast, Alibaba grew from 1.4% in 2021 to 3.6% this year.



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