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Meta expands the “mini universe” with new Horizon Worlds experiences



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Meta Horizon Worlds has announced two new applications from major companies that use metaverse tools. Guitar maker Fender Musical Instruments has announced the Fender Stratoverse and the BMW Group has unveiled the MINIverse.

New Horizon Worlds apps debuted at the Cannes Lions event and are available to all US and Canadian Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset users. As we saw yesterday with the merger, brands are rushing to the metaverse Admix and Landvault create metaverse experiences for brands. And Meta is investing $ 3 billion in quarterly losses Reality Labs section to build a metaverse.

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“If you tried something (metaversion) two or three years ago, it changed a lot,” Nicola Mendelsohn, head of Methane’s global business group, told a news conference. “Every 10-15 years, there is a really big change in terms of computing platforms, depending on where things are going. So, we have a desk, let’s switch to a mobile phone. And we are now in this truly immersive experience that you can have. And the real promise of metaversion is actually 5-10 years. But this does not mean that people today are not engaged and engaged. And we really see brands coming together. ”

These announcements balance the creation of gathering places and games. The first is for more social experiences metaverseas in the novels, the universe of virtual worlds, all interconnected Snow accident and Ready player one. However, games are more like a way to involve more players in the game. I wonder which users will be more fascinated, and I would guess it will be games.

“It’s not about repeating what we did in the real world,” he said. That’s not the point, “Mendelssohn said. “It’s about changing the way we come together. And you will find that your sense of existence is extraordinary. But also not to build a stable world. I looked secretly and I can tell you that they both made me laugh and smiled for different reasons. ”


BMW Group’s MINIverse at Horizon Worlds.

BMW Group has teamed up with Pereira O’Dell, Creative Shop and Meta Horizon Worlds, creators John Burnap, Jordan Marcotte and Malcolm Langille to develop the MINIVerse. The VR experience seeks to create an exciting Go-Card racing game for up to four drivers.

Players can drive the MINI around a track that opposes gravity. Spectators can intervene to help or create chaos – take cars off the ramp or block them with whac-a-mole-style pins, or even press buttons to help friends speed up in time.

Players can personalize their virtual rides for the track and unlock a special EV MINI model as they win more races. Players will have fun personalizing the MINI, changing colors, adding hood stripes and a contrasting roof. They can try different racing suits and unlock other MINI cars to rise to the ranks of leaders and challenge friends.

Sebastian Warfield, chief marketing officer of BMW Group’s MINI brand, said he was excited to be the first car brand to enter the Horizon virtual space. “Undoubtedly, the concept of taking what I thought was the most fun way to drive a metaverse excited us all. It wasn’t just a repetition of what you could experience in the real world. That fact must be taken into account. “

Players can resist the force of gravity while competing. Players can personalize their MINIs and express their individual tastes, he said. According to Warfield, the society already has millions of fans and now they have a new social space to come together.

Move on Fender Stratoverse

You can create your own riffs on Stratoverse.

Fender Stratoverse Horizon Worlds is a guitar-shaped island surrounded by floating islands.
islands. It has giant Fender guitar amplifiers and planets flying high in the stratosphere, and has the experience of playing audio together to create original musical riffs.

Fender Stratoverse, in collaboration with R / GA, Creative Shop and Meta Horizon Worlds creators Ashley Briley, Matt Torres and Sammy Nu from VRinReview, is a collaborative space where visitors go on a virtual garbage hunt, finding and bringing chords along the Stratoverse. put them together to create beautiful musical combinations.

Players start by landing on the main pillar of the Stratocaster guitar-shaped island and
They stepped down from the guitar neck and went to the main attraction after reaching Riff.

To participate, people are invited to explore the world together to find guitar chords
brightly colored Fender options. Once the selection is unlocked, it becomes available to everyone in the world
In Riff Maker, which can be placed in one of the 18 points in Riff Maker to add chords
loop community riff.

Players can move the selection within the riff, or have the option to duplicate it or change it from a major to a smaller chord, or by making it sharp or straight. There are several Easter eggs for fans around the world, including aerial guitar zones, four special gold selections that allow you to record your riffs, and extra planets to get on the flying Fender foot pedal to sound your music.

“We couldn’t have been more pleased to have been invited by Meta to bring Fender to the metaverse
For the first time, ”said Evan Jones, Fender’s Chief Marketing Officer. we are satisfied. ”

To experience the worlds, you can search MINIverse or Stratoverse in Meta Horizon Worlds. as part of
Meta’s presence at Cannes Lions will be the gateway to the world of both brands within Meta
Horizon Worlds Pavilion demos at Meta Beach. In addition, it will cooperate with Meta Spark
AR effects achieved through QR codes that create unique ways to sample each world.

Designed for MINIverse car enthusiasts.

“We’re really excited about this new creative product,” Vice President and Creative Shop Global Director Nikki Bell told a news conference. “No one has been taught how to build these worlds. It is a new technology. And that’s why it’s really important to have creators at the forefront of this craft and really understand how it’s set up. Another thing we really focus on is thinking about society. ”

Mendelssohn said there have been 16 million new guitar players on the market since the pandemic began in 2020. And he said there are 10,000 new worlds already built in Horizon Worlds.

R / GA executive creative director Megan Trinidad told a news briefing that she was working with Horizon Worlds creators to work with Fender.

“In fact, what we did was to partner with experienced suppliers on our side to really understand what a fan and Fender brand ethics could be,” he said. “It was a great opportunity to work with vendors to test what’s inside Horizon World.”

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