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Kanye West ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt at Yeezy Show


Rapper and type clothier Kanye West caught attention Monday when he wore a shirt emblazoned with the divisive phrase “White Lives Matter” for the grand introduction of his new Yeezy line at Paris Style Week.

kanye west white lives matter
kanye west white lives matter

The word itself has been labeled a hate speech by the Anti-Defamation League. According to Southern Poverty Law, White Lives Matter is a neo-Nazi outfit that acted as a “racist response to the civil rights proposal Black Lives Matter.”

The front of Westin’s blouse featured an outdated image of John Paul II. Father or Mother may have reported that most of the fashionistas on the catwalks of their shows wore shirts with the same message.

West, who transformed himself into Yi last year, walked the Balenciaga catwalk earlier this week. “I’m Ye and everyone here knows I’m the leader,” he told the audience before revealing his personal collection.

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On Tuesday morning, he posted this presentation on Instagram, calling Black Lives Matter “hijacking”:

Western critics, who have now declared their love for former President Donald Trump and “like a leader” in slavery, sent “a terrible message” with clothes:

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