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Jetstack introduced the industry’s first software network security tool



Jetstack introduced the industry's first software network security tool

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Jetstack, a Venafi cloud-based, open source and strategic consulting specialist, has announced that it has an easy-to-use, interactive and comprehensive tool for protecting modern software networks.

Visual and web-based resources are available to anyone, and are designed to help organizations evaluate and plan important steps needed to effectively address software network security. Software network security is becoming an increasingly important issue for all organizations. More than 1,800 companies were affected after the solar wind attack in late 2020, and in 2021, software network attacks increased by more than 300 percent.

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Matthew Bates, Jetstack’s chief technical officer, said: “Most organizations now understand that improving the security of the software they use and produce is urgent and important.

“The challenge is to manage the competitive priorities of their development and security communities, while identifying and prioritizing the changes that need to be made. How to continuously increase development speed, reduce deployment time, and improve monitoring, visibility, and security, our tool helps development and security teams quickly find where to start by identifying challenges and impacts. connected to special security management. “

The Software Chain Tool combines a number of frameworks and introductory tips and tricks with detailed instructions on software network security, including:

● CNCF ‘Software Networking Best Practices’ presentation
● Linux Foundation SLSA (Software Artifact Supply Chain Level)
● NIST Order No. 14028 on Improving Software Network Security
● Venafi design for secure software development pipeline

The interactive tool introduces these framework guidelines, which are divided into four main sections: transmission line construction, source code, origin, and deployment. The recommendations in each section provide an understanding of the priorities and complexities, as well as links to the first open source tools to help implement these recommendations.

Steve Judd, Jetstack’s chief architect and developer of the tool, said: “Software network attacks target entire vulnerabilities at various points in the software life cycle.

“To address these challenges, it is necessary to go beyond the entire control of the Software Materials List (SBOMs), which is just one of 54 recommendations. is a new form of open source collaboration to help the industry. “

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