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How NFTs need to evolve to survive beyond the hype



As NFTs arrive deeper into the mainstreamincluding their last Small cameras in Super Bowl commercials (registration required), they are collecting more and more syringes. But with the exception of metaverse and Web3 echo cameras, critics still question the benefits of NFTs for the average person. Dominant headlines and increasingly sales figures pixel avatars can only acquire the technology before the syringe goes out. And as the NFT bubble bursts, only serious projects will stop.

To prevent the storm, legitimate NFT projects, especially in industries such as games and entertainment, need to change significantly in their approach to ordinary users.

Create real value

We are talking about NFTs game It feels like walking on an eggshell – every step can lead to a path reaction avalanche from key players. The developers run the risk of falling into the trap of innovation and innovation, regardless of the usefulness of NFTs in the gaming world. The sale of NFT collections in a game that is finally meaningless will inevitably provoke a backlash from viewers who see these collections as a greedy theft of money.

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So are local NFT or developers and companies that do Play to win projects are caught in the middle, choosing to either take a light step in the wider gaming market or remain loyal to their niche audience.

In order for NFTs to penetrate the main gaming arena, developers need to transform and build NFTs that are useful and meaningful in the larger game ecosystem. From the RPG character that intensifies with each adventure, to the weapon that gains new features with its use, non-static NFT assets give players renewable innovation and value. Importantly, this value is clear and felt in the game itself, and even for someone who does not understand what NFTs really are.

It can be argued that the boring monkey is more than just a cool Twitter avatar with a cool hexagonal contour, this sermon is likely to lose to the average player. The element that creates an organic and moving game component is completely different because it helps to create the whole user experience. A greater transition to renewable energy has been made with NFTs value can attract a wider audience who are skeptical of win-win games by storing them after the initial innovation of static NFT has dried up.

Non-gaming NFTs

It already has practical uses in the game with projects like NFTs Axie Infinity and CryptoKitties it is at the forefront of the market, but this approach can actually be applied entirely outside of games. These NFTs have endless potential as a cornerstone for wider acceptance because of the transparent real-world value and practicality they bring to the table. There is more to NFTs than the right to brag about the chain.

There is no need for new technological advances to impress the public; Basic reception is associated with greater convenience and accessibility. Digitization of simple, routine routines can emphasize the practicality of NFTs and encourage a wider shift in public opinion on technology.

A reward program can be a simple way to make NFTs practical. Like an RPG character that is amplified with each adventure, an NFT can be further enhanced with each visit to the supermarket with the ultimate prize. By integrating them into everyday life, they become lively, accessible and practical instead of being a screen image.

Another example of empirical use is a subscription service. Imagine a restaurant group or a platform like ClassPass. By offering refundable NFT tickets, users can go to weekly bookings or classes, adjust subscriptions based on personal taste, or donate them safely.

Developers should not take this wave of interest for granted. Public attention is changeable, and such a large magnifying glass can reveal vulnerabilities that confirm prejudices and assumptions around technological innovation. Promoting the transition to practical, flexible digital assets can close the gap to create sustainable acceptance, rather than constantly persuading the average consumer to value something static.

Umberto Canessa Cerchi is the founder and CEO Cryptomon.


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