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Fortitude Valley stabbing video explained – Brisbane Stabbing video explained


About the person who was stabbed in the fortitude valley incident

A sad incident was happed recently in Fortitude Valley where a person who works in Brisbane as a station worker was badly stabbed. As soon as this news spread on the internet, people start reacting to the incident. Video about this incident is available all over the internet. An attacker used the knife to attack the station worker. The person is 24 years old only who was stabbed in Fortitude Valley.

Fortitude Valley stabbing

Fortitude Valley stabbing incident explained

The name of person who was attacked in the Brisbane Stabbing incident is Michael Tagaloa. Michael Tagaloa was hurt very badly and he lost the battle against his life. A woman posted a video on Facebook in which she claims to be the best friend of the victim of the Fortitude Valley Stabbing Incident.

As soon as the police get the news about the incident, they leave for the place of the incident immediately. Police start searching for the attacker immediately by reviewing the CCTV footage of the incident.

After the Fortitude Valley stabbing incident, the station is closed. Emergency and Police vehicles are circling on Brunswick Street. The police chief called a press conference in which he said that the victim’s body was transported for forensics.

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Information about the attacker of the Brisbane Stabbing Incident

After reviewing the images of the incident, police believe that the man’s age should be around his late 20s or early 30s.

The attacker is described as Caucasian in appearance and his height will be around 180 to 190 centimeters. The attacker’s hair color is brown or ginger colored.