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Explanation of Face Spl1t Diving Video – Diving Face Spl1t Video


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In this article, we are going to explain the whole incident “Face Split Diving Accident”.

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Face split diving accident Explained

This accident happened in May 2009, when a person in Beirut, Lebanon where the boy was diving into the sea from the cliff, and his video was also captured. In the recorded face split video, you can see that a boy jumped from the cliff into the sea for fun, and his friends record a video but this dive went wrong and the boy met an unbelievable accident. This accident shook the heats of many people.

After the incident, the whole video was shared on the internet but it didn’t create much hype back then. People share this video on their websites and on some social media with the title “Face Split Diving Video” but many people didn’t see the video.

People have forgotten about the boy who met the accident back then. Recently, someone posted a video of this incident on Twitter, and the news spread like the air on the internet. Information about the boy was unknown whether he was alive or not but everyone is looking for this video.

Due to the nature of the video “Face Split Diving Accident Video”, we cannot share the original video here. This video contains some content that weak heart people cannot watch but you can find this video on Twitter post.