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During a meeting with BZRP music, Shakira takes aim at Gerard Piqué


Do you think that what Shakira says goes for Piqué? I don’t know, I think it’s the same to affirm something when it’s not entirely clear. I personally will wait to have it clearer I prefer not to risk it. The Colombian superstar let it all out on the highly anticipated track with the viral super-producer Bizarre.

Almost the entire trend on Twitter in Colombia is the lyrics of the song of @Shakira with @bizarrap. Only she can generate that impact because now Las Mujeres Billing. #Shakira #Pique #Clara #ClaraChia #Casio #Rolex #Ferrari #Twingo.

People are reacting too much to Shakira’s actions. Some of the tweets are available below:

Argentinian producer Bizarrap has a way of disarming artists during his popular BZRP YouTube Music Sessions. The viral series features names like Residente, Paulo Londra, and Villano Antillano – all people who have taken the microphone and let it all out over Bizarrap’s futuristic beats.

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Still, no one expected international superstar Shakira to perform the way she did at the BZRP New Music Session. In fact, fans could hardly believe it when Bizarrap announced on Tuesday that the Colombian superstar would be the final guest on his music series and began a fast countdown until the YouTube video was released.

It finally arrived Wednesday night and delivered what was expected. On the electronic beat, Shakira reminds people of her superstar self and talks about her split from footballer Gerard Pique – the pair split last year after 11 years of dating. “Una Loba como yo no esta pa’ tipos Como tu (A wolf like me is not for children like you),” he declares, referencing his 2009 mega-hit “O Wolf.”