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Confluent introduces HashiCorp Terraform Provider to simplify data flow across multiple clouds.



Data delivery platform Confluent has released the Confluent Terraform Provider, developed in partnership with HashiCorp, a provider of multi-cloud infrastructure automation software.

Terraform providers expose the Confluent Cloud API for simple, consistent, and automated management of cloud environments, Apache Kafka clusters, networks, topics, connectors, and other critical data streaming resources. Now, according to Confluent, engineering teams can easily integrate data flows across CI/CD workflows and GitOps processes on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to run real-time applications faster and avoid the high operational costs and risks associated with manual resources. . provide.

Ganesh Srinivasan, Chief Product Officer, Confluent, said: “The need to stay ahead of customer needs is driving the shift to data streaming and cloud-enabled technology stacks.

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“With our HashiCorp Terraform integration, organizations gain the power to move data across all major cloud providers with simple infrastructure such as code and automation. This means developers can safely and reliably access the infrastructure resources they need, so they can focus on building apps that really move the needle for their businesses.”

Data streaming is becoming increasingly important to meet today’s consumer demands and business needs for data-driven operations in real time. But developers building and running data-flow applications using open-source Apache Kafka are blocked waiting for access to infrastructure resources. These requests are typically handled by a small team of specialists who support the entire business and complex technology stack. These teams can easily get bogged down in time-consuming, manual processes for managing infrastructure, which quickly puts new builds behind schedule. Manual provisioning creates a high level of risk and is unacceptable when data transfers are powering the most sensitive and critical business use cases. Integrating with a proven tool like Terraform can save time, accelerate new releases, and increase security.

Rolando Berrios, director of engineering at Okedo, said: “Helping our customers with smart, real-time inventory management solutions that save them time and money depends on the extensive use of real-time data streams in our business.

“With Confluent’s Terraform Provider, we were able to fully automate our infrastructure deployment to code without compromising quality or security. With version-controlled deployments managed by tools our team is already familiar with, we can move quickly and focus on new, value-added projects.”

Confluent Terraform Provider gives engineering teams easy access to the full set of data flows they need, from Kafka clusters and private networks to service logs and ACLs. By automating and managing the data flow infrastructure across the cloud, the benefits of real-time data can be extended across the business, enabling faster innovation from a wider team. With the new Terraform provider, teams can:

• Reduce complexity and risk with hosted infrastructure deployments managed as code and through automated GitOps integration.
• Increase developer independence and productivity with consistent, version-controlled access to dataflow environments, Kafka clusters, Kafka topics, and more.
• Integrate Confluent deployments within existing cloud workflows on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud using standardized resource management tools, pipelines, and processes.

“The new, certified Terraform provider for Confluent makes it easy and reliable to provide critical data flow resources,” said Burzin Patel, VP of Global Partner Alliances at HashiCorp. “It automates deployment to all major cloud services within existing CI/CD workflows, so organizations can spend less time managing infrastructure and have easy access to the real-time data they need for innovation.”

More new innovations in Q3 ’22 launch

Confluent’s quarterly releases provide a single source for learning about new features available on the leading data delivery platform. Other highlights include:

Independent Network Lifecycle Management: One of the biggest challenges in growing data traffic workloads is the ability to efficiently provision network resources without adding operational overhead. Confluent’s new REST APIs and Terraform support for network lifecycle management help make the network a first-class resource, allowing organizations to scale data workloads regardless of network connectivity. It allows engineering teams to reuse existing network connections across multiple clusters and enables network administrators to gain granular access control over network resources using new RBAC roles, which greatly reduces manual overhead.

User Access Control: As data traffic increases, it is increasingly important to keep a close eye on who is accessing the platform and what those visitors are trying to do with the data. Confluent adds user access control to its extensive library of auditable events, making it easy to detect potential data breaches. Security groups can now see a complete list of all users who have successfully logged into a Confluent Cloud account. This way, organizations can quickly find bad actors hiding in the noise of expected activity. This ensures that there is no breach of confidential information, stoppages or tarnishing of the brand’s reputation.

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