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By 2027, the estimated cost of a multi-access market will reach $ 23 billion worldwide



By 2027, the estimated cost of a multi-access market will reach $ 23 billion worldwide

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A new study by Juniper Research predicts that global MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) spending will increase from $ 8.8 billion in 2022 to $ 22.7 billion by 2027.

This 260% increase will increase the need for on-site machine learning and low-latency connectivity; 5G technology enabled.

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MEC is a network architecture that transfers processing power and digital content to the edge of the mobile network to provide end-to-end, fast processing to end users.

The new study, Edge Computing: Vertical Analysis, Competitor Leaderboard, and Execasts, predicts that more than 3.4 million MEC nodes will be operational by 202-2027; In 2022, it will increase to less than one million. It enables the processing of data generated by connectivity in these markets at the edge of the network, and identifies self-driving vehicles and smart cities as key beneficiaries to increase MEC’s ​​use. This reduces the network load by reducing the physical space required for cellular data transmission.

According to the report, operator partnerships with Agile technology companies such as AWS, IBM and Microsoft will be critical to the growth of MEC node adoption. It predicts that by 2027, more than 1.6 billion mobile phone users will have access to MEC-based services; In 2022, it will increase from just 390 million. Furthermore, mobile cloud computing is expected to be a highly valued MEC service among mobile users over the next 5 years. By transferring processing power to the cloud through the MEC node, users will benefit from faster processing power and smaller form factor devices.

In addition, the report predicts that the delivery of digital content, such as video streaming, cloud games, and real-life, will benefit from the geographical proximity of the MEC node and increase value proposition by improving video caching and computing load. It calls on operators to increase access to MEC customers by placing them primarily in urban areas.

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