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BUPA improves DaaS transmission and multi-cloud readiness with the help of Nutanix



Nutanix, a hybrid multi-cloud computing expert, announced that BUPA is using Nutanix solutions to address performance, scalability, and management issues affecting critical Citrix business environments that support more than 5,000 users.

These issues were quickly resolved by moving from the old infrastructure to the Nutanix Cloud platform and the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). In addition to this initial phase, BUPA has begun to fully automate the management of the DaaS computing system using Nutanix Calm, allowing it to quickly deploy this and other workloads in any cloud in line with its long-term multicloud strategy.

DaaS estimates are an important business application for BUPA, a leading health insurance and healthcare provider, and the company has invested heavily in Citrix’s latest solution to meet its requirements. However, the legacy infrastructure to support the software is nearing the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced to address many of the challenges of many years ago.

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In particular, scalability has become a real headache, requiring the consent of many stakeholders to approve small innovations and changes. However, these changes can last for days or sometimes weeks, severely limiting BUPA’s ability to respond quickly to rapid business demand. In addition, it was a very complex setup that required the skills of professionals in many fields to keep the lights on, and to improve and develop the infrastructure.

The BUPA technology team decided that moving to the Nutanix Cloud Platform was the best solution for its Citrix DaaS solution. The chosen configuration encourages the installation of Nutanix clusters on each of the two sites to support existing 3000 DaaS computer users and to ensure further growth. These were delivered quickly and then placed on two sites to meet the requirements of rapid bankruptcy and disaster recovery.

Customers have noticed a significant improvement in desktop performance, and behind the scenes, Nutanix and Citrix have worked to optimize the environment. In addition, it was easier and more convenient to manage the entire system by adjusting the scale required to press a button and making it visible from one console to the other. All hardware or software issues, including hypervisor issues, can now be supported with a single point. Now it is possible to manage everything from one console, eliminating the need for expert skills, allowing employees to focus on other tasks, including plans to use Nutanix Calm to automate all aspects of the application life cycle.

Rick Jagger, BUPA’s technical service manager, said: “By moving the DaaS computing environment from a three-tier platform to Nutanix, we have gained more from more scalable, performance and flexible infrastructure. This will reduce additional costs, automate day-to-day management, and allow us to move confidently into a more cloudy future. “

Like most large enterprises, BUPA hopes that the cloud will play an increasingly important role in information technology strategy. It is already looking to allow Calm to re-deploy instead of updating applications to use. BUPA impresses with its ability to quickly deploy Calm’s DaaS computing and other applications on any cloud, balance workloads if possible, and ultimately become the world’s largest cloud network that supports other parts of BUPA’s business.

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