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Bryan Christopher Kohberger Reddit Post – Idaho Stabbing Suspect Arrested


Five months before four Idaho college students were brutally murdered in their shared home, suspect Brian Kuhberger went to Reddit to have criminals fill out a survey on how they chose their targets and committed their crimes. Kobarger, 28, is in custody awaiting extradition from Pennsylvania to Idaho.

Bryan Christopher Kohberger’s video post
Bryan Christopher was arrested in the Poconos in the early hours of Friday morning in connection with the brutal murders of Kaylee Goncalves, Maddie Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin on November 13.

Idaho Stabbing Suspect Arrested video

The suspect, who is 6 feet tall and weighs 185 pounds, has not been publicly identified. He was studying for a doctorate in violence studies at Pullman University in Washington state, just 15 minutes from where the body was found last month at the community college.

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In May, Kohberger took to Reddit asking criminals to fill out an anonymous survey about how and why they broke the law.

Suspected killer Brian Kohberger in Idaho once took to Reddit asking criminals how they plan their crimes and select victims to participate in their scientific research.

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Idaho Video Twitter Full Video – Video post by Brian Christopher Kohberger
Hi, I’m Brian, and I’m inviting you to participate in a research project that seeks to understand how emotions and psychological traits influence decision-making when committing a crime.

‘In particular, this study seeks to understand the story behind your most recent criminal offense, with an emphasis on your thoughts and feelings throughout your experience,’ he said.

After committing the crime, what were you thinking and feeling?’ was another. He also asked how criminals ‘leave the scene’ and whether they acted alone. The survey may seem perfectly innocent in the context of a criminology degree.

It gains harrowing sinister in light of his arrest on suspicion of quadruple homicide today. No one from Kohberger’s family or university has commented on his arrest.