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British Army selects Hadean to build cloud-distributed Pathfinder simulation



Deep tech start-up Hadean has been awarded a contract to help build and scale a cloud-distributed simulation demonstration for the British Army.

This Pathfinder contract is Hadean’s first direct commitment to military end users and will enable the widespread adoption and use of cloud-based computing in the Department of Defense’s Defense Synthetic Environment Platform (DSEP) and Joint Training Transformation Program (CTTP).

Using Hadean’s Web 3.0 technology, the project integrates different 2D, 3D and Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) elements of a land warfare training environment into a single simulation, with the ability to run larger scenarios for remote physical and virtual users in a non-disruptive manner. will be about fidelity or complexity.

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Demonstrator learning and development outcomes will support the UK Ministry of Defense’s multidisciplinary integration objectives and enable the UK Army to explore new areas of joint training where combat teams can conduct remote combat operations in geographically diverse live environments. virtual world.

In addition, the project will highlight the importance of partnerships in government innovation and digital transformation. Assets and entities in the digital world will be created using Bohemia Interactive’s VBS4, while live simulation system data will be sourced from leading defense training institutions.

Craig Beddis, chief executive of Hadean, said: “This is a significant milestone for Hadean and an opportunity for us to contribute to the British Army’s vision for large-scale, collaborative training with the computing power required to deliver live and synthetic peer-to-peer training to UK warfighters. It’s an honor to be a part of this program to help deliver and improve performance. The technology presented here will help bring Multinational Live, Virtual and Creative Collaborative Learning to a higher level.”

UK MoD CTTP Senior Officer (SRO) Mike Cooper said: “The Joint Training Transformation Program (CTTP) is working with Army Innovation and Hadean to deploy new technologies for the Joint Training System of the Future. This demonstration will enable the introduction of a synthetic environment platform. will show results that show how technology from the commercial gaming industry can support learning transformation.”

The program will begin this summer and is expected to be completed by spring 2023. Pathfinder will also be supplemented by an independent technical evaluation to validate demonstration results and suggest areas for further study.

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