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About email security in the age of hybrid work


Does remote work affect the future of much of the world’s workforce—or at least some sort of hybrid arrangement—the email security we all lack? Oliver Paterson, Director of Product Management VIPRE securitybelieve so.

“The amount of time people have to wait for you to respond to something is much shorter now,” Paterson said. “This puts additional stress and pressure on individuals, which can lead to further errors. [Employees] They don’t really know if they’ve received an email with a link – they’re more sensitive to clicking on it.”

A cybercriminal’s best friend is human error, and distraction makes for the perfect companion. Remote work calendars mean that meetings are held in a virtual room instead of face-to-face. A good opportunity to catch up on a few emails quickly during your downtime? This is a great opportunity for attackers to lure you into a phishing attack.

“When it comes to data breaches, cyberattacks, and victimization, email is the number one priority,” Paterson said of education. “Even if we think these things are changing, we need to understand very well. [you] The security, methods and tactics people use to break into your business are still very similar.

“The attacks may be more sophisticated, but the actual attack vector is the same as it was 10 to 15 years ago.”

This is true in statistics. Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) found Phishing Activity Trend Report (pdf) In February, attacks reached an all-time high in 2021. Attacks have tripled since the beginning of 2020, in other words, since the start of the pandemic.

VIPRE has many solutions to this age-old problem, and the business email security product side is primarily Paterson’s. It is one such product VIPRE SafeSend, which focuses on misdirected emails and prevents data loss. “Everybody sends an email to the wrong person at some point in their lives,” Paterson said. “It just depends on how serious it is.”

Paterson noted one major FMCG brand whose C-level executive had the same name as anyone else in the business, and far below it. Of course, many emails went to the wrong place. “You try to get people to be overly cautious, but we now have technology solutions to help with those elements,” Paterson said. “It’s about making sure businesses are aware of it and then deploying it all at once.”

Another part of the product portfolio is together EDR (endpoint detection and response). VIPRE’s goal is to “remove the complexity of EDR management for SMBs and IT teams.” Part of that is understanding what organizations want.

The core knowledge is there, according to many organizational studies. Get research from the Enterprise Security Group (ESG). released in October for ransomware readiness. Respondents cited network security (43%), backup infrastructure security (40%), endpoint (39%), email (36%) and data encryption (36%) as the top areas of prevention. Many security vendors offer this and more – but how hard is it to filter out the noise?

“People understand that they need an endpoint solution, an email security solution. There are a lot of competitors out there, and they’re all screaming about different things,” Paterson said. “So it’s getting to the nitty-gritty of what they really need as a business. At VIPRE, we strive to make it as easy as possible for our customers.

“A lot of companies do EDR right now, but what we’re trying to do is provide the raw material that every business needs, maybe not all the bells and whistles that 99% of organizations might need,” Paterson added.

“We are a company that attaches great importance to our customers and partners and treats everyone as an individual business. We get a lot of comments [from customers] Some of the big vendors out there see them as just numbers.”

Speaking at Paterson Cyber ​​Security and Cloud Expo Global, in London on December 1-2, about the threat of ransomware and how the security industry is evolving with it. Taking a multi-layered approach is a cornerstone of Paterson’s message, and his advice to entrepreneurs is sound.

“Look at those areas, the threat vectors, the ways they’re coming into the business, and make sure you’re putting industry-level systems in place,” he said. “Many entrepreneurs will get complacent and keep updating the same thing over and over again, not realizing that there are new features and additions. I would say that sending emails incorrectly is a huge thing and most businesses have nothing to do about it.

“Where are the areas of risk in your business?” And be sure to understand these better and then put these layers of protection in place to help with ransomware attacks and other elements.”

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